Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging

To many consumers, pharmaceuticals are an everyday necessity, making the demand for packaging of these products very high. In fact, the global pharmaceutical packaging market size was valued at 77.65 billion USD in 2016 and is expected to continue to grow. This market is highly regulated, so it’s important to know the guidelines and restrictions when packaging your pharmaceutical product.

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Sonoco Thermosafe TAP Certification

Participants completing the ISC Labs Temperature Assurance Packaging (TAP) Certification Program will understand the fundamentals and advanced concepts of temperature assurance packaging so that they can evaluate different TAP solutions as they relate to the needs of their company,Contribute knowledgeably to conversations regarding temperature assurance packaging, and Guide their organizations in implementing TAP solutions.

Packaging Regulations

In this course, we map out the major regulatory agencies such as FDA, EPA, USDA, CFR, ASTM, and ISO. Once defined, we break down relevant and applicable laws into cheat sheets for you to have immediate access to when working on projects. By no means is this course a replacement for legal review, but it is the absolute first step in educating yourself on regulations and agencies that impact the product categories you design within.

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