5 Packaging Careers for Every College Graduate

Fri May 22 2020 /
Andrew Hurley

5 Packaging Careers for Every College Graduate

First off, we’d like to congratulate the class of 2020! Graduation in and of itself can be intimidating, and with the world turned upside down due to COVID-19, it’s understandable to be unsure of what the future holds. This is where packaging comes in—this omnipresent industry is on the rise, and there are numerous career paths perfect for aspiring alum. Just take a look at the video below, where our Creative Director, Keving Kiegley, shares a few reasons why this is the industry to be in.


Because of these reasons, we put together a list of packaging careers based on collegiate majors to show how anyone can find their niche within the industry, and how The Packaging School can be the resource needed to make it a reality!

1. Engineering Majors

As an alum of an engineering program, you’ve got some serious industry knowledge under your belt already. There are plenty of open positions as a packaging engineer, where you’ll analyze the structural design of a package to give it a solid foundation that will hold up during various forms of testing. From checking prototypes to ensuring there are effective shipping methods in place, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned in your undergraduate course while getting hands-on experience.

2. Art Majors

For all of the creative, out-of-the-box thinkers with an artistic eye, a packaging design career is an ideal fit. Remember those graphic design courses that involved countless projects using computer-aided design? Well, now you can begin to build your professional portfolio by creating the latest and greatest eye-catching packaging designs. Apply what you’ve learned about artistic principles, like color theory, and turn design concepts into final products that make their way to shelves in a retail space.

3. Psychology Majors

You might be wondering how packaging relates to psychology, of all things. This is exactly what a consumer behavior analyst relies on to study, research, and analyze consumer trends. With this type of role, you can expect to utilize the fascinating theories discussed in your textbooks and predict future trends. Or help the brand stakeholders understand why the focus group chose the package with the nature theme due to the Biophilia Hypothesis. Packaging plays an important, psychological role in a consumer’s purchasing decisions, making the consumer behavior analyst an essential part of the team.

4. Business Majors

From professional selling courses to marketing management, graduates from a business program certainly have a place in the world of packaging. Of the countless, innovative packaging solutions being created, there are just as many openings for representatives to market and sell those products. As an account manager, you can expect to learn the ins and outs of a package design, making you an expert on the features and benefits. It’s your goal to showcase these advantages by cultivating relationships that will help the product land in the hands of those who need it.

5. Law Majors

When we said there was a place for everyone in packaging, we meant it! Packaging companies aren’t exempt from regulations; in fact, they must meet specific requirements regarding safety, manufacturing, distribution, and more. A packaging compliance specialist is responsible for ensuring all required laws are properly followed at all times. Law graduates can expect to apply their exceptional ability to keep up with the policies by communicating when changes need to be implemented.

So, if you’re entering the workforce for the first time, an awesome way to get your foot in the packaging industry is to get a certification. This way, you’ll be a standout candidate in addition to your newly achieved degree. The Packaging School offers a conveniently self-paced program to show you the ropes (and boost your resumé). Check out the Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management (which conveniently starts a new cohort on June 1st), or learn about more professional opportunities in the industry by heading to our career overview.

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