Did My Beer Just Talk to Me?

Tue May 07 2019 /
Kevin Keigley

Did My Beer Just Talk to Me?

My can of beer just talked to me.
No, I haven’t had one too many and, no, I haven’t accidentally been exposed to some form of cannabis.
This is what happened—I used my Living Wine Labels app to scan a can of beer.
It wasn’t just any beer, it was a 19 Crimes India Pale Ale (or IPA for all the hopheads out there).
And that’s what is so unusual… and exciting.
19 Crimes is a prominent brand of wine.

You may have already heard about 19 Crimes and how they have disrupted the wine shelves, making headlines with the use of augmented reality.
The creative use of this evolving tech has allowed them to engage with their customers in the saturated wine market.
The Australian based company, Treasury Wine Estates, partnered with Tactic to create an augmented reality app to use on their very own 19 Crimes wine labels.
Their goal was to appeal to a fickle demographic comprised of young men—in their 20s and 30s—new to the wine scene. They hoped the 19 Crimes brand, an outlaw drink with a rugged label (emblazoned with 18th-century criminal mugshots), would appeal to those least likely to buy wine.
And it worked.

When this campaign launched in 2016, the Living Wine Labels app had 1.2 million downloads, and Treasury Wine Estates shipped over 1 million cases of 19 Crimes. Sales grew by 101% and brand engagement saw a 412% increase.

19 Crimes has certainly become a force on the wine shelves, paving the way for other wine labels to jump into the in-between world of augmented reality.
Are they now attempting to dominate the beer realm?
Will we see them branch into other kinds of spirits?
Is it their goal to conquer the entire wine and beer and spirits market?

No need for multiple beers to have this can talk to you.

It wouldn’t be a crime, just great packaging.

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