Great Moments in Packaging History

Fri May 29 2020 /
Kevin Keigley

Great Moments in Packaging History

Packaging in History

Packaging goes back in history. WAY back. In fact, ever since we had stuff (clothes, food, tools, etc), we’ve needed a way to carry it. Ancient packaging was made from what was around us. It was made from woven grass, bark, leaves, and animal skins to name just a few. These items worked great. But we kept getting better at making our lives better and more convenient.

Packaging Evolves

While the use of natural items was okay for ancient packaging, we were always looking for a way to make it better. So, as our abilities to hunt and farm evolved, so did our means of packaging. Combine natron and silica (or sand), crank up the heat, and BOOM. You have glass. Glass bottles can be traced back thousands of years, and worked better than gourds, animal skins, and pottery. The art of glass blowing made this a popular substrate because not only was it functional, but it could be ornate as well.
There was more than glass packaging. That’s just the beginning.

Highlights on a Timeline

There’s not enough room (and you don’t have enough time) to dedicate this one post to the entire history of packaging. So, as a service to you, we will focus on some packaging highlights on the timeline of human history.
Check out the video below where we touch on not only glass, but paperboard and plastic as well.
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