Package Design Affects Sales

Fri May 08 2020 /
Kevin Keigley

Package Design Affects Sales

Package Design Affects Sales

Like it or not, I judge a book by its cover.
And the “cover” for every product, is its package.
Great packaging design, therefore, affects my buying decisions.
Therefore, package design affects sales!
It happens as I ponder which yogurt, beer, or whatever product I want to purchase.
That package design doesn’t happen by accident.
My eye is drawn to the packaging because of science and good data.

Eye-Tracking Masters

Package InSight, our sister company, specializes in helping brands look their best on the shelves and beyond.
They use eye-tracking technology and adhere to a strict methodology
Clients of Package InSight have experienced sales boosts because of the data gathered during an eye-tracking study.
A great example, for instance, is a study performed for House Autry Mills.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Great packaging design certainly helps a brand.
However, the opposite is true as well.
Good, bad, or ugly packaging design can hurt a brand (or even kill it).
Unfortunately, some companies focus only on their product.
They fail to invest research, time, and energy in their product’s package.
Watch the video below to to learn more.

Is Packaging Design Affecting YOUR Sales?

How is packaging design affecting your sales?
Is that something you’ve even thought about?
It might be time to consider your current packaging.
Maybe it’s time for you and your team to ask some hard questions.
I know it can be hard to look at your baby and say that it might be ugly.
That’s hard for ANY organization.
Maybe you need to take it outside of your organization to get an honest assessment.
You could contact Package InSight.
Or, you could try something else.
Something that may not be on your radar.
Consider investing in yourself or your team by investing in one of our certificate programs.

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