Story Behind the Masks

Wed Apr 22 2020 /
Kevin Keigley

Story Behind the Masks

Crisis Brings Creativity

Amid this global crisis, the goodness and creativity of people can arise.
One such example occurred in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.
The demand for protective masks is in high demand and the supply is low.
Therefore, Paper Cutters, Inc., a local business, decided to shift gears.
While it wasn’t a normal part of their day (or any day for that matter), they started cutting out folding masks.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Founder and CEO, Randy Mathena, decided that it might be a good idea to shift from making food-to-go boxes, to making protective masks. Already making products using poly-coated 2-sided SBS, they got input from some pros, made a die for the job, and started cutting masks out of the same material.


To hear the story, watch the video below.
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