The Power of Packaging

Thu Oct 01 2020 /
Kevin Keigley

The Power of Packaging

A Simple Trip to the Grocery Store

Sometimes when I go to the grocery store, it’s not uncommon for me to return home with more than I set out to purchase.
Some local ginger ale, a new type of pretzel, hand-crafted manly soaps––chances are, I’ve looked at it and bought it when it wasn’t on the list my loving wife sent me via text.
That is the power of packaging.
On a recent trip to the grocery store, I was overcome by excellent packaging design . . . and I paid the price.
In this post, we’ll take a look at a company using clever branding and package design so that their product stands out from the rest.

The PAQUI One Chip Challenge & the Power of Packaging

I was looking for some snacks in the chip aisle, where I quickly noticed a display.
There, on the top in a tidy little corrugate shelf, sat several little red coffins.
Intrigued, I inspected the unique packaging where I quickly became acquainted with the PAQUI One Chip Challenge.
And just like the top of the box declared, it was on.

Bring on the Heat

After a bit of sticker shock at checkout (this little package was $6.99, but worth it for The Packaging School and for the video below), I made the purchase, went home, and my wife and daughter set up the cameras to shoot an interactive episode of The Packaging School Show.
Check out what happened in the video.

What About YOUR Packaging Design?

Take a cue from PAQUI, their great packaging design and branding so that you might start examining your own offerings.
How can creative thinking and clever package design affect your next project?
Will your next product fly into shopping carts because of the power of packaging––the power of YOUR packaging?
Maybe it’s time for you invest in yourself by investing in one of our incredible certificate programs.
You never know––maybe I’ll be drawn in by your package and make a video about it!

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