Top 5 Packaging Mistakes and Mishaps

Thu Nov 05 2020 /
Kevin Keigley

Top 5 Packaging Mistakes and Mishaps

Mishaps in Packaging

Miscommunication and mishaps happen in life. And when they happen in packaging, they can lead to some disastrous (if not hilarious) results. With the number of packages that are shipped around the world (NYC gets 1.5 million packages DAILY), the chances of a misprint or an image error are pretty significant. No doubt you’ve seen some packaging mistakes and mishaps with your own eyes.

Fun with a Focus

While we love bringing levity in our episodes of The Packaging School Show, we always have a point. In this video, it’s certainly fun, but our goal is to focus on the importance of great packaging design. And that doesn’t just happen on its own. Great packaging design is carried out by great packaging designers.

Top 5 Picks

Watch the video below to see our Top 5 Packaging Mistakes and Mishaps. If you want to move towards being a top-notch packaging designer, you and your team (if you have one) should look into one of our incredible certificate programs. We take a deep dive into the packaging industry, and provide a 100% online packaging education that you can start using today.
We can teach you packaging and can help cut down on some of the packaging disasters that hit the shelves.


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